Their place in history; the 44th Missouri, 175th OVI, and the 183rd OVI

Until recently these two Ohio regiments, along with the 44th Missouri, served their country in the Civil War largely unknown. There are many reasons for that, like how many died, where they served, who their commanders were, and who among them did or didn’t promote their cause.

What, to me, makes history so compelling is that it is never still or silent. It speaks to us all the time if we are willing to listen for it. Eric Jacobson and Richard Rupp listened, and then spoke to us through their book Baptism by Fire. The three units are no longer unknown and their place in history has been recorded. They are carried along with the Civil War history of Tennessee and its importance in that conflict – no less important than the histories of Virginia, Massachusetts and other great states in our nation.

“The cruel joke of time is to forget or be forgotten. The Ohio and Missouri troops who endured their fiery baptism at Franklin were not lost to time in the short term, only the passage of many years did that. But their legacy was cemented on that fateful battlefield that dark November night. The echoes of those men, some of whom were just boys, still has an indelible power today. Their story never went away, it just needed to be remembered” – Eric Jacobson  

Tennessee’s Historical places and events, among them Shiloh, Stone’s River, and Missionary Ridge are joined by the events and places of November and December of 1864; the Battles of Columbia, Spring Hill, Franklin and Nashville. They were the “fiery baptism” these very green inexperienced soldiers endured. It is their place in history.


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