175th Ohio Infantry Roll of Honor

Our 175th OVI Roll of Honor borrows on an original roll of honor that was compiled by Harrison Scott Baker*, that is posted on www.ohiocivilwar.com In this updated version some of the edits, additions, and corrections to the roll are from Eric Jacobson in his book Baptism of Fire. Others, and for the most part the list of wounded, are from 24th and 175th Regiments of Volunteer Infantry from Ohio 1861–1865 by Richard Osburn, revised 2007. Richard’s sources were HQ Reports; Commanding Officer Mullenix, Ohio’s Highland County Highland Weekly News, and the Nashville Daily Times and True Union, all published in December, 1864. Additional updates are by the submitter and include changes found in visits to the National Cemetery in Nashville.

135 men from the 175th died while in service of the regiment; Thirty-five (35) were killed in action at Franklin, fifty (50) were captured at Franklin or Columbia and died in prison or on the way home, twenty-seven (27) of those aboard the Sultana. In addition fifty (50) died from wounds, disease, accidents or other causes. This is more accurately reported than elsewhere. Also forty-nine (49) more were captured, eventually released, survived the Sultana, or sent back to the unit to muster out with them. At least seventy-five (75) were wounded, sent home or returned to the unit.

For the complete Roll go to the Page section at the header.


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