183rd Ohio Infantry Roll of Honor

The following sources were used to assemble Roll of Honor for the 183rd OVI: Eric Jacobson & Richard Rupp, historian and authors of Baptism of Fire, Kraig McNutt, www.BattleofFranklin.wordpress.com,” the website www.civilwarindex.com and The War of the Rebellion, a Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies published by the Secretary of War in 1894 (available at most libraries) and www.findagrave.com. These lists do not include the many men whose fate is not recorded in the regiment’s roster records and in unknown. Burial site information follows the lists.

Ninety-two (92) men from the 183rd  died while in service of the regiment. Twenty (20) were killed in action at Franklin, another nine (9) missing in action there and presumed dead. Nineteen (19) were captured and died in prison or on the way home, seven (7) of those aboard the Sultana. One (1) man died in action at Nashville and thirty-eight (38) died of disease, accidents or other causes. This is more accurately reported than elsewhere.

For the complete Roll go to this site’s Page section at the header.


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