August (Augustus) (A.G.) Hatry

Fact; Lt. Col. August G. Hatry enlisted on November 10, 1864 as a Major in the 183rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry. On November 18th he was commissioned into Field & Staff. Then on December 21, 1864, following the battles of Franklin and Nashville, he was promoted to Lt. Colonel. He was discharged on the first Day of April in 1865.

Fact; this is his photo ( source ):


As a historian I know that.

As a Genealogist I try to make connections and tell stories so that his ancestors can know better the man behind the historical facts. My searches found no connection of August, or Augustus, A.G. Hatry to Ohio other than the 183rd service record. Expanding on the search I find Augustus Gottfried Hatry in Find-A-Grave buried in Allegany County Pennsylvania. He is about the right age; born in 1840 in Bavaria. Augustus died Jan. 18, 1898. His death record reads “August.” He was married to Louise (Schleiter) who received a veteran’s pension filed in 1898. A Veterans’ Pension for Augustus’s service in the 18th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry……..

Hatry Homewood Cem Allegany county pa
(source: Peter Schultz and Todd Walker; Find-A-Grave)

Connections? Absolutely.

Augustus Gottfried Hatry, born in 1840 died in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1898. He had volunteered for duty with the Kentucky 18th Company F. The detailed roster for this unit is not available, but at some point, be it from the beginning or the end of his service, he is a 2nd Lieutenant.

The Kentucky 18th Infantry Regiment was organized at large.
Mustered in February 8, 1862.
Regiment lost during service,
5 Officers and 85 Enlisted men killed and mortally wounded,
1 Officer and 152 Enlisted men by disease.
243 lives lost throughout conflict.

The Regiments duties keep them in Kentucky and Tennessee until August of 1863:

Duty guarding Covington & Lexington Railroad. Headquarters at Falmouth, Ky., till April 16, 1862, and at Lexington, Ky., till August 20, 1862. Affairs in Owen County June 20 and 23. Operations in Kentucky against Morgan July 4-28. Action at Cynthiana July 17. Paris July 19. Mt. Sterling, Ky.. July 29. Moved to Richmond, Ky., August 20. Battle of Richmond, Ky., August 30. Regiment mostly captured; those not captured retreat to Louisville, Ky.; thence moved to Covington, Ky., September 28; thence to Paris, Ky., and duty there until December 5. Moved to Lexington, Ky.; thence to Louisville, Ky., January 27, 1863, and to Nashville, Tenn., February 2. Moved to Carthage and duty there till June 2. Moved to Murfreesboro, Tenn., June 2-7. Middle Tennessee (or Tullahoma) Campaign June 23-July 7. Hoover’s Gap June 24-26. Occupation of Tullahoma July 1. Occupation of Middle Tennessee till August 16.

In mid-August 1863 they moved on to duty and the battles in Northern Georgia:

Passage of Cumberland Mountains and Tennessee River and Chickamauga (Ga.) Campaign August 16-September 22. Catlett’s Gap, Pigeon Mountain, September 15-18. Battle of Chickamauga September 19-21. Rossville Gap September 21. Siege of Chattanooga, Tenn., September 22-November 23. Reopening Tennessee River October 26-29. Brown’s Ferry October 27. Chattanooga-Ringgold Campaign November 23-27. Orchard Knob November 23-24. Mission Ridge November 25. Duty at Chattanooga till January, 1864.

Two, possibly, significant events took place next. In January, 1864 the unit was Veteranized – meaning that veterans were able to re-enlist. Also, the regiment joined operations against Confederate General Hood after their activities at Atlanta were done. Did Hatry re-enlist and stay with his regiment?

Regiment Veteranize January 5, and Veterans on leave till March. Moved to Nashville, Tenn., March 12; thence march to Ringgold, Ga., March 22-May 7. Atlanta (Ga.) Campaign May to September. Assigned May 10 to post duty at Ringgold, Ga. Relieved September 25 and moved to Atlanta, Ga. Operations against Hood in North Georgia and North Alabama October 3-26, 1864.

At this point, without detailed roster records, there are many possible starts, stops and changes that could hold the truths of Augustus Hatry’s service. However, if Augustus Hatry of the 18th KY re-enlisted in, or was moved to the 183rd O.V.I. in November, 1864, he likely did so in one of two ways; He left his regiment in January, returned home and then was recruited into the 183rd in Cincinnati, or he was moved into the 183rd by Army Commanders during Hood’s operations in Alabama. Either way, it is known that the 183rd was in need of veteran leadership when they were organized, and A.G. certainly filled that need.

During the months of November and December, 1864 the 183rd participated in the fights to protect Nashville from Hood’s invasion. After Hood’s Army was driven back into Alabama where it disbanded, the 183rd Ohio followed the 18th KY a couple months later to;

The 18th KY – March to the sea November 10. Siege of Savannah December 10-21. Campaign of the Carolinas January to April, 1865. Fayetteville, N. C., March 11. Battle of Bentonville, N. C., March 19-21. Occupation of Goldsboro March 24. Non-Veterans mustered out April 4, 1865. Advance on Raleigh, N. C., April 10-14. Occupation of Raleigh April 14. Bennett’s House April 26. Surrender of Johnston and his army. March to Washington, D. C., via Richmond, Va., April 29-May 30. Grand Review May 24. Moved to Louisville, Ky., June. Mustered out July 18, 1865.

It is interesting to note that August G. Hatry mustered out of the 183rd in April, rather than July with the rest of the regiment.

The pursuit of truths continues.


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