183rd O.V.I Company K


Story and Photo Album of the Boys of 183rd Co. K

This post is and will continue to be under construction one name and photo at a time – add yours!

When I think of the many who served my hopes rise to honoring them all in some way. Reality is if I can honor but a few, it can serve to honor them all. Some died; some returned home. Of those who returned home from Tennessee and the Carolinas many moved on with their lives, in other states, or in nearby Ohio cities, that were growing and in need of craftsmen, laborers, and business owners. Our great-grandfathers stayed near the towns that they were born in; became carpenters and served their small communities building houses and churches. With them they carried the burdens of war. For the many others, wherever they went, their bodies also carried the burdens of war.

In the hope of gathering short bios and photos we start with most those easily found from easy reliable sources. These men and boys were of a small group, the 183rd Ohio Infantry, Company K.

Please help, share your grandfather’s Company K and life story.


A Ash, Jacob (494x800) Jacob Ash (1846-1902) 
Jacob Oesch was born in Switzerland in 1846. He came to the U.S. with his family in 1852 where they settled in Tuscarawas County. When he volunteered for the war at 18 the Army recorded his name as Ash. Jacob signed his papers with an X. He was wounded in the leg at Franklin, a wound that would affect his life thereafter, but his immediate service continued, mustering out with his regiment at Salisbury, NC with his unit at war’s end. There are detailed stories elsewhere in this web-site.

A Bedwell CEmetery Photo Samuel Bedwell (1845-1912)

(photo: Soldiers and Sailors Cemetery, Sandusky)
Samuel Bedwell was born May 5, 1845 in Uhrichsville, Ohio to John and Mathilda (Matilda)(Huebener) Bedwell. There is a little confusion in family searches regarding some of his life and siblings, but the most telling are his records from the Ohio Soldiers and Sailors Home in Sandusky, Erie County, Ohio. It states that he served in the 129th Ohio Co. I from 7/23/1863 to 3/7/1864 and the 183rd Ohio Co. K from 10/1864 until 6/9/1865, mustering out at Camp Dennison. The records say he had a gun shot wound to the face, he was a blacksmith, had no family or effects, but had a brother E.J. of Jacksonville, FL. He was admitted to the home 12/2/1905 and died there 10/20/1912 of pneumonia. The home’s cemetery records also say he is buried there. The 1890 veterans census record says he also served in the 135th Ohio – 100 days from 5/18/64 to 9/18/64 and that he was shot in the cheek and his jaw was shot off. Samuel’s mother Matilda (1813-1897) is buried at the Fair St. Cemetery in New Philadelphia, Tuscarawas County, Ohio.

A George Duke George Duke (1834-1906)
George was the son of William and Hannah Duke, originally from Virginia. They lived in Johnstown, Licking County, Ohio where George was a carpenter. He married Charlotte ? and they had one daughter, Emma. He was born in 1834 and died in 1906, buried in Green Hill Cemetery, Licking County.

Alvin Gear Alvin S. Gear (1842-1917)
Alvin (1842-1917) is a son, one of 12 children, of Jonas (1821-1896) and Sarah Holcomb (1820-1901). In 1860 the family lived in Paint Township, Fayette County, Ohio. Jonas’s grave stone lists the 158th O.V.I. which was a regiment that was never fully organized, likely due to the war’s end. Alvin first volunteered for the 144th Ohio organized in May, 1864 for 100 days service. He then joined with the 183rd. Alvin was born in Vinton County, Ohio in 1842. He married Margaret Wetzel (1851-1907) and it appears they had ten children. He is buried in Coffey (Coffeyburg), Missouri. His father and mother lived and died in Billingham, Washington.

A Glasscock John Peter Glasscock (1833- )
Also spelled Glascock in some records, he was born in 1833. His wife Rachel was born in 1841 and died in 1899. John’s death details are unknown. They lived in Manchester, Adams County ,Ohio. He was a carpenter. He served in three regiments during the Civil war. First the 3rd Ohio Co. A, 3 months service April 1861-August 1861. He joined the 70th Ohio Co. G that October and was relieved of duty in Dec. 1862 due to disability. Later he volunteered with the 183rd Ohio Co. K and mustered out with the regiment in 1865. He received pensions in 1877 and an $8 pension in 1872.

Anson Harding Anson Harding (1843-1921)
Anson Harding was one of six children of Henry (b.1810 in Virginia) and Ann (b.1816 in Ohio) Harding. Anson was born in 1843 in Aberdeen, Brown County, Ohio. He served in three regiments during the Civil War. He first volunteered with the 70th Ohio Co. G in Oct., 1861. He served until August 1862 when he was relieved of duty due to a disability, a hernia. Later he joined the 138th Ohio, 100 days, from May to Sept. 1864. Lastly he volunteered for the 183rd Ohio and served from Oct., 1864 until mustering out with the rest of the regiment in 1865. Anson would become a lawyer and lived in Kansas City. In 1910 he, now a widower, moved to the Disabled Soldiers Home* in Leavenworth, Kansas. Home records list his injuries as “to the left shoulder, leg and spine”, in addition to the old injury “to the left testicle.” Anson died April 24, 1921 of a cerebral hemorrhage. His effects were appraised at $8.45 and sold for $2.55. He is buried at the Leavenworth National Cemetery.

*the home, built in the 1880’s, is now part of the Eisenhower VA Medical Center. Many structures have been saved and are on the Nat’l Historic Register

 Hatry Lt. Col. August Hatry (1840-1898)
August (Augustus) Gottfried Hatry’s enlisted on 11/10/1864 as a Major and on 11/18/1864 he was commissioned into Field & Staff OH 183rd Infantry. Shortly after the battles of Franklin and Nashville he was promoted to Lt. Colonel. He was discharged in Apr. 1865. August first served with the 18th Kentucky from Oct. 1861 to Oct. 1864, mustering out as a 1st Lt. It was not unusual for Kentuckians to travel north to Cincinnati (Camp Dennison) to volunteer with units there. He was born in 1840 in Germany to David and Caroline Hatry and died in 1898 and is buried at the Homewood Cemetery in Pittsburgh, PA. His wife was the former Louise Schleiter.

Festus C. Hays (1837-1895)
Festus was born in Connecticut in 1837. After service with the 183rd he married Adda (Ada) Salterthwait on 7/25/1865 in Ohio. He died 12/4/1895 in Urichsville, Ohio. His death record says he was a machinist. Adda, born about 1845, is buried at the Union Cemetery in Urichsville.

Elijah B. Hill 
The 183rd Roster lists Elijah as 61 years old (born 1803?) a 1st Lt. Co. K. The 1890 Veteran Census for Manchester, Adams County, Ohio lists widow Sarah A. also stating that Elijah was paralyzed and that he died at home, obviously before 1890. Her name listed elsewhere was Sarah Anne Groomen. The 1880 census lists Elijah, age 71 (b.1809) and Sarah, age 24 with five children. Elijah was a Clergyman. The 1870 census in Jefferson Twp., Adams County lists Elijah, age 65 (b.1805) as a Minister of the Gospel living with John, a farm laborer, and Mary Grooms. The next family listed is that of Elias Grooms, a farmer, and they include Sarah A, age 16.

A Thomas Hise Thomas Hise (1823-1882)
Thomas was born in 1823 in Mason County, Kentucky. His father was William Clement, possibly he was adopted. He married Ann Vaughn, daughter of Eli Vaughn in Lewis County, KY in 1842. In 1850 he and Ann and four children live in Lewis. In 1860 Thomas lives in Sprigg Twp., Adams County, Ohio with his wife “Rebecca” and five children. He served as a Waggoner for the 183rd. In 1880, age 58, he is working as a farm laborer in Ross County, Ohio with wife “Hannah” and six children. He died two years later of a stomach ulcer.

A Keiser Franklin Keiser (1840-1922)
Franklin Keiser was born in Ohio in Dec. 1840. He married Mary Selby (1852-1906) and he died May, 1922 in Severing, Michigan He enlisted in the 183rd Ohio in Oct., 1864 and was mustered out in July of 1865. He was shot in the arm at Franklin and was in the hospital in Nashville after. In 1890 he was a resident of Bliss Twp., Emmett County, Michigan along with his brother Jerome who also served in the 183rd in Co. G.

A Madden Dennis Madden (1846-1928) 
Dennis Madden was born in Allegheny County, NY and lived in Erie County, Ohio most of his life. (Source J. Fred Madden) Dennis’s father was Lawrence and his mother Margaret Ryan, both born in Ireland. He married Elizabeth McDonald. In 1920, widowed, he lived with his daughter’s Margaret and Catherine in Margaretta Twp. on or near Sanduky Bay. He is buried at Saint Josephs Cemetery, aka Calvary in Fremont, Ohio

A Marlatt James Marlatt (1839-1885)

James was born in 1839. He died July 23, 1885 in Turtlecreek Township, Warren County, Ohio. His Civil War grave stone record indicates he is to buried in Lebanon Cemetery, Lebanon, Ohio. However, find-a-grave says he is buried at the Flat Run Cemetery some 60 miles to the south and east. The following indicates that James was injured or became sick during the Carolina Campaign. Although the name is mis-spelled there is no doubt it is our James. The unit’s roster implies the same result.

“James Mallatt a Private in Company K, 183 Regiment of Ohio Volunteers, Enrolled on the 11th day of November 1864 to serve one year or during the war is hereby discharged from the Service of the United States, This 9th day of June 1865 at Douglas Hospital, Washington, D. C. Said James Mallatt is 21 years of age. Given this 9th day of June, 1865. Wm. F. Norris A. S. Surgeon U. S. A. Clothing account not settled. D. Taylor PM, USA.”


A Charles Nichols.jpg 2 Captain Charles C. Nichols (1822-1865)
Born in Belmont County Ohio 12/26/1822 he was the son of Eli and Rachel Loyd Nichols. He is buried in the Eli Nichols Family Cemetery in Coshocton County, Ohio. Charles’s father was raised a Quaker, was a lawyer by profession, and an ardent abolitionist. They relocated from Belmont to Coshocton County in 1844 and the 1850 census shows Charles, age 26, as a laborer on the family farm in New Castle Township.

Sometime that decade Charles went to Colorado to live. In the fall of 1864 Charles returned to Ohio to enlist.  His Volunteer Enlistment papers state that Charles Nichols, born in Belmont Co, OH, now forty-one years of age and a gold miner, volunteered on 14 Oct 1864 at Newark Twp., Licking Co, OH, to serve as a soldier for one year in the 182nd Ohio Volunteer Infantry, unless sooner discharged. It stated he had blue eyes, sandy hair, light complexion and was 5’8 and 1/2 in. His personal declaration said he was 41 years and 10 months, and his signature was well formed. Additional data on the statement indicated this was his first enlistment and “This man goes in place of George W. Norman, drafted in Keene Twp. of Coshocton Co, OH, September 22, 1864.”

Charles Nichols died January 1, 1865 in a hospital at Clifton, Tennessee of dysentery shortly after the 183rd was heroically active in the battle’s of Franklin and Nashville, Tennessee.

A Samuel Ritz Samuel D. Ritz (1831-1911)
Samuel, son of Elias and Eliza (Carnel) Ritz, was born in Harrisburg, PA. He married Amanda Jane Sharrock (1849-1928) of Iberia, Morrow County, Ohio. It appears they spent their married lives there. In 1861 Samuel joined the 3rd Maryland Infantry Co. A and served three years. The unit fought in many of the significant battles in the Eastern front. In October of 1864 he volunteered for the 183rd Ohio Co. K at 32 years old.

A Schmidt Charles Schmidt, QMS 183rd Ohio (1831-1915)
Charles W. Schmidt mustered in 11/17/1864. He returned to the rank of private in Co. B in Feb. 1865 and was replaced as QMS, most assuredly at his request. Charles also served in the 28th OVI. He died at age 84 at the Veterans Home in Dayton, Ohio. He survived Franklin and the war. (Permission to use photo by Bill Dewey) Contact the descendant at william_@bellsouth.net He is buried in the Dayton National Cemetery. Born 1831 in Germany, immigrated in 1856, occupied as a Millwright, he died May 2, 1915 at the National Military Home Montgomery County, OH. He spent at least the last 15 years of his life in the home.

A Spohn Revilow N. Spohn (1848-1931)
Revilow was born in 1848 and married Jennetta or Jennette Ellis in 1868 in Brown County, Ohio. A pension record in 1910 found them living at 2825 Webster Ave., Pittsburgh, PA. Jennette died in 1925 and is buried at Minersville Cemetery, also known as Minersville Lutheran Synod Cemetery, in Herron Hill, Allegheny County, PA. Revilow died 1/2/1931 in Sharpsburg, PA. There is good reason to think he is buried at the same cemetery as Jennette.


A Strawbridge Samuel Strawbridge (abt 1839-1865)

Samuel Strawbridge is the son of Samuel born in Pennsylvania about 1810. Young Samuel married Sarah Hill, age 18, in July of 1863. They had a daughter, Emma, born in November. Sarah was awarded a pension in Sept. 1865. At the time she lived in Edenton, Ohio. Samuel was born in Warren County just to the north. From Cemetery Records: Samuel Strawbridge b. unknown d.11 Mar 1865 Burial Marietta National Cemetery, Cobb County, Georgia, USA. Plot Section K Site 3628. The 183rd Ohio was assigned to the Third Brigade, Second Division, Twenty-third Army Corps, with which it remained during its entire term of service. Wounded Nov.30. 1864, in battle of Franklin, Tenn.; died March 11, 1865, in rebel prison at Cahaba, Ala. Re-interred from Cahaba to L(379)3628. The Cahaba River flooded in early March. The prison flooded, but the commandant would not move the prisoners. After the flood unsanitary conditions prevailed.

A Sullivan Burial Grounds Abraham Sullivan (1833-1917)
Abraham Sullivan was born in 1833 in Kentucky. His father was Rodney and mother Mary Neal. He married Brunette Parker in 1857 there in Lewis County. There is an Ohio record of a son, Arthur, born in Ohio in 1861. Abraham volunteered for the Civil war in 1864 with the 173rd Ohio. He was transferred to the 183rd and mustered out with his unit in 1865. A son was born in 1866 “back home” in Lewis County, Kentucky. In 1890 they lived in Vanceburg, Lewis County. Abraham died in 1917 in Firebrick, KY (on the Ohio near Portsmouth) and is buried at Mars Hill Burial Grounds, Lewis County, with other Sullivan’s.

Adam Wampole (abt.1828- )
The 183rd Roster reads Wampool. Adam Wampole was born about 1828. He served in the 44th Ohio and the 183rd. He married Mary Stoutzenberger on 12/8/1852 in Tippeconoe City, Miami County, Ohio. Both of their parents were born in Pennsylvania. Mary (1834-1913) is buried at Forest Hill Cemetery in Piqua, Ohio.


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