Welcome to ourgrampascivilwar. My name is Bob Werner. This blog, launched in 2013, honors the men and boys of Ohio, primarily those of the 175th and 183rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry Regiments who served their country in 1864-65. Born in Cleveland Ohio, I retired from Eaton Corp. in 1997.  My wife Donna and I moved to warmer climates in our southern states. Instead of the golf career I thought I would have I got hooked on family history, a passion I have pursued in my retirement years. During my work on family two men and their families seemed to stand taller than the rest. The parallels in the lives of these two men, our great-grandfathers, are astounding and grew more so when we were led to the battlefield at Franklin, TN. It was there, on that very same field surrounding the Carter House, that I immediately knew that their story had to be told.

Donna and I have recently returned to our home, Northern Ohio to live. My blog focus will shift a little, concentrating more on our roots in Tuscarawas and Guernsey counties.

Visit often; share your names, stories, pictures and all things of interest to those of us who wish to honor the men of Ohio in the Civil War. Send them to donbob2011@hotmail.com or donbob2015@gmail.com

All photos are mine unless otherwise credited.

Header photo is of Stones River National Cemetery, Murfreesboro, TN


3 thoughts on “About

  1. A couple of weeks ago I attended the Sarasota Civil War Symposium and heard Eric Jacobson speak about the 183rd Ohio and two other green regiments in the Battle of Franklin. His presentation was, as usual, excellent. I seem to remember that Eric said there were a large number of German in this regiment. Is that correct. I look forward to reading his new book.
    Joe Reinhart
    Louisville, Ky.

  2. Took the liberty of using your marvelous blog, specifically regarding the Missouri 44th Infantry, as a reference to Horatio Cast on Ancestry.com (cited the blog name and URL) Thanks.

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