Bucks and Jefferson Township, Tuscarawas County, Ohio Civil War Soldiers

The Soldiers of Bucks and Jefferson Townships
Tuscarawas County, Ohio

When writing my blog post and subsequent book about Auburn Township, the Civil War, and its soldiers, I came to realize that many of the men honored by Auburn Township were as much part of the surrounding area as they were Auburn itself. Some were born in, or lived in at some time in their lives, adjoining Bucks and Jefferson Townships. Therefore, to complete the area’s Civil War participation the following is presented in much the same way as the others.
Almost all of these men appeared in the 1890 Civil War Soldier Census and lived at that moment in Bucks or Jefferson Townships. Some are buried there in Baltic or Stone Creek. Some elsewhere, like Shanesville. Some are names from the same families as those from the Auburn writing, likely closely related. Some may have very little history to the townships; possibly just a short period that included 1890, but they still must be included.
These men served in a variety of regiments, however about one-half of them served within the 51st, 107th, and 194th, Two served with Herman Peters in the 126th. Regiment history for most of these are included in the Auburn Township article, however, because the 194th has a large presence here, included is their history:
The 194th O.V.I.Regiment was organized at Camp Chase, Ohio in March, 1865, to serve one year. It was ordered to Charlestown, W. Va., and assigned to Major- General Egan s Division, composed of one Brigade of Eastern and one Brigade of Western troops. The surrender of Lee s Army caused the Division and Brigade to be broken up, and the Regiment was ordered to Washington City, where it remained performing garrison duty until October 24, 1865, when it was mustered out in accordance with orders from the War Department.

Samuel Brown (1842-1896); 107th Ohio Company I. Samuel lost in left foot and lower leg in Feb. 1864. He lived in Stone Creek in 1890 married to Mary Bretzius. His first wife, Katherine Heister, died in 1871. He is buried in the Stone Creek Cemetery.

Jacob Carmon; the 6th OSS (Sharp Shooters) Jacob is listed in Stone Creek in 1890. No other information can be found.

John Cline (1840-1927); the 80th Ohio Company E Private. John was born in Germany, his wives were Elvira Mizer and Elizabeth Trendily. John served with Simon and John Wesley Mizer in the 80th. He is buried at Evens Creek Lutheran Cemetery.

William Ellwood (1822-1897); 80th Ohio Company B. At age 39 he served three years mustering out in Georgia in 1864. He married Elizabeth Brown in 1845. He was born in Harrison County, lived in Dover, and lastly in Jefferson Twp. He was a wagon maker and died in Stone Creek.

William Ferrell (abt.1828-1865); 194th Ohio Company E. William died at Harper’s Ferry in 1865. It appears he might have been married twice, first to an Eva or Ava, then to Emma. Emma and his children lived in Jefferson Township.

Robert Griffith (1824-1890) 194th Ohio Company E. Born in Pennsylvania he married a Mary A. (b. abt.1837) and lived in Stone Creek in 1890. Robert is buried in the Bethel Cemetery, Tuscarawas County.

John Harmon (1832-1905); 194th Ohio Company E. John is buried at Stone Creek Cemetery. He was the son of Michael and Catherine Flickinger. He married Mahala Keffer (1840-1906). See Keffer soldiers.

Daniel Heckler; the 17th Indiana Company A. Daniel’s wife was Barbara Ann Angel. They married in 1854. As his widow she was counted in the Veteran’s Census of 1890 living in Stone Creek.

Hiram Isenagle (1843-1913); 107th Ohio Company I, transferred to the 18th Veteran’s Reserve Corp in 12/1863. Mustered out 6/1865. Hiram was a carpenter in Jefferson Twp. His wife’s name was Julian Keffer (1842-1908). See Keffer soldiers.

Enos Keffer (1842-1919); 107th Company I. He served 3 years ’62-’65. Enos is buried at Stone Creek Cemetery. His parents were Jacob and Margaret Kitsmiller. He married Matilda Yingling. Enos’s brother Gashan is listed next. Mmmm, did Enos also serve in the 107th with his brother-in-law (Hiram Isenagle)?

Gashan Keffer (1849-1914); the 194th Company E. He is listed as age 18, but it appears he was just sixteen. He was mustered out in 6/65 in Philadelphia, PA. His wife was Catherine Arborsgast (1853-1903) and they are both buried the Uniontown Cemetery in Muskingum County, Ohio.

Frederick Knobloch (1827-1874); 51st Ohio Company B. Fred was born in Germany. His wife’s name was Catherine. Fred was a merchant and they lived in Philipsburg in 1890. He is buried at Stone Creek.

John Kughler (1845-1922); 51st Ohio Company C. His wife was Molona Powelson (1852-1922). They lived in Stone Creek and are buried there.

Mathias Kughler; There is a Mathias in the 51st Company H. No relationship to John has been found, but thought he should be mentioned in case.

Christian Lenz (1842-1927); 163rd Ohio Company K. He is Buried in West Lawn in Canton, Ohio. Mr. Lenz, who was a member of William McKinley post, GAR. He was married to Sarah Mumaw (1844-1926) and lived in Stone Creek in 1890.

John M. Parks (1839-1898); 10th Ohio Cavalry Company E. John was born in Stark County and lived in, and is buried in Stone Creek.

George Meese (abt. 1844); the 51st Ohio Company G. His father was Elijah and his mother Mary. He married Rosanna C. (1844-). George had a niece named Emma Kughler Note; John and Mathias Kughler on this list.

John H. Meese (1836-1902); the 194th Ohio Sgt. in Company E. John’s wife was Paulina (1837-1924) and he is buried at St. James Lutheran in Tuscarawas.

Patrick Meese (abt. 1842-1897); 129th Ohio Company B, and the 185th Ohio Company A. Patrick died in the Sandusky, Ohio Soldier’s Home. His wife were Matilda (Tilly) Himerichouse.

August Merkle or Merkal; 1st West Virginia Cavalry Company D (1861-1865). Born about 1845 in Germany, his wife was named Elizabeth Gengnagle. He lived in Jefferson Twp. in 1890.

Abraham S. Metzler (1839-1921); 166th Ohio Nat’l Guard (100 days) Company I. Dr. Abraham Suter Metzler served from May to Sept. 1864. He was married to Eleanor Wade and lived in Bucks Twp. and Coshocton, Ohio, where he died. He is buried at South Lawn Cemetery there.

Henry Mizer (abt.1841-) served in the 126th Ohio Company G with Herman Peters and many others from Auburn Township. Henry mustered in Aug. of 1862 and served until June 1865. He was appointed Corporal in Sept. 1864. He was wounded in the thigh at Opequan, VA that same September.

Samuel Murphy (1843-1913); 6th Indinia (or possibly Ohio) OSS (Sharpshooters). Samuel married Lydia Stonebrook (1848-1929). He is buried in Stone Creek Cemetery.

Isaac Raber (Reaber); 51st Ohio Company C. Isaac is listed in the 1890 Census living in Stone Creek. No other information can be found.

Adam Regula (1829-1895); the 107th Ohio Company I. Taken prisoner at the battle of Chancellorsville on May 2, 1863 and was confined in Libby Prison in Richmond. He was later exchanged and returned to his Company on January 29, 1864. Mustered out on July 10, 1865. Adam was born in Germany and was Stone Creek’s first Postmaster. He was a dry goods merchant and farmer. On December 8, 1853, he was married to Elizabeth Deich.

George M. Rowan; 22nd PA Calvary. Like some others here on the list he lived in Bakersville , a mile or so south of where Troendly and Angel Valley Road’s meet in 1890. No further information can be found.

Frederick Swab (abt.1845-), 126th Ohio Company E. Frederick was the son of Benedick and Mary who were born in Switzerland. He lived in Stone Creek in 1890.

William Shawver (b.1836) 51st Ohio Pvt. in Company A, transferred to the 1st U.S. Engineers in 8/1864. His wife was Mary N. (b.1837) and he was a lawyer in Stone Creek.

Phillip Stephan (1840-1919); the 115th Ohio Company B Private. Phillip was born in Germany. At age 22 he mustered uno the 115th in Aug. 1862, and mustered out June, 1865. His wife’s name was Elizabeth and they married in 1865.

Jed Strock (1830-1927); Sgt. in the 88th Ohio Company H. Jed was born in Mahoning County and died in Bucks Twp. Burial in West Lawn Cemetery in Baltic. He married Catherine Bickle (1838-1892).

Philip Thomas (1841-1889); the 1st West Virginia Cavalry Company A & E. Philip was a carpenter and was born in Germany. He married a woman named Anna Elizabeth and is buried in West Lawn Cemetery in Baltic. Philip has an unclaimed medal in West Virginia to this day. During his service his horse was shot out from under him and fell on him, injuring his ankle. During that event he was captured.

Jacob Torgler (Torkler) (1822-1886); 194th Ohio Company E at age 42. Jacob and his wife Magdalena (b.1825) were both born in Switzerland. Jacob was a Blacksmith in Jefferson Twp.

John Willour (abt.1843-1914); 10th Missouri Company D. John died in Ashland, Ohio.