Tuscarawas County Photo Gallery

This Page being changed…..for the better! Return soon.

Ash, Jacob 183rd OVI

Ash, Jacob

Ash, Jacob

A Beer and Anna (800x600)John Beer (Beers) (1847-1914), age 18, 3rd Ohio Cavalry, Co. I.

A Blackford (600x800)N. (Noah) Blackford (1822-1863); age 40, 122nd Ohio Company D

A Connell, David (2)David Connell (1838-1914); age 24, 126th Ohio Company E (see next)

A Connell, David

A Espenschied Alao too (600x800)Henry (Heinrich) Espenschied (abt. 1831-1904); age 31, 91st Indiana Company C

A Garett also too (600x800)Eli Garrett (1842-1925); age 21, 157th Ohio (N.G.) Company I

A Good (800x600)David Moser (Goode) Good (1812-1886); age 59 honorary title of Colonel for his service as a recruiter.





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